timing gears

Tried some new helical gears from gutsibits but oil pump pinion was slack meshing with crank(cam pinion was nice snug fit), when I sent them back they of course said that was good enough but offered a refund. what are other peoples new gears like? I know they should be a nice fit and not sloppy but if everyones are and the only people that actually make them are Stein-Dinse I’ve not much choice

Not sure on the meshing but I have a set of straight cut if you want to try them

Over the years there have been many accounts of timing gears failing on Guzzis, but never heard of a chain failing (breaking).

Never tried the helical ones but stories are common apparently about terrible noise until they’re run-in, might be because of the ‘snug fit’ ? Currently still got straight gears fitted, still work great and silently. Bit of slack inevitable and IMO desirable for expansion.

The verdict on gears is don’t fit them the oem chain works best. I was reading Guzziology and Mr Richards stated no real good other than in a race bike where they recheck after each race. Alloy ones wear and can fail catastrophically. I do know folk who fitted them then reverted back to oem chain…if it ain’t broke…why fix it.

I have steel gears (Agostinis according to Joe) in my Raceco engined bike, noisier than a chain but no probs as of yet…guykate2014-01-11 19:08:33

Have to agree with Ken, if got a chain on now, keep using it. I only got the gears 'cause it came with 'em already on. Was going to put chain & sprockets on last year but actually gears still look OK. Will still need fairly regular checking though so gears are not ‘fit and forget’ speshly not alloy ones

There have been catastrophic failures with the alloy ones. There was an awful lot of discussion about this many years ago, some for them , others against them…your choice I guess BUT the OEM stuff works well. Even better if the auto chain tensioner is fitted, which most do have by now.

Again be wary of cheap options BUY from a reputable seller

Fitted straight cut to my Mk1 years ago and the bike just wasn’t right. Went back to chain…

My gears failed but not catastophically.Photos have appeared on this site.I no post can do.Chain fine.My one and only reason for fitting was that no auto tensioner was available athe time.They lasted 20 years and well over 100k miles.

Only chain failure I had was when the new tensioner let go and got entangled with the chain, oil pump ripped out and 7 hours spent at Oxford services waiting for the RAC! Best set up was the double sided belt version made for Steve Wesson, 100 made, I got about the last one. V quiet and reliable but I let it go with the Spada, ho hum…G.

Duffo wrote;Best set up was the double sided belt version made for Steve Wesson, 100 made, I got about the last one. V quiet and reliable

I have a belt drive kit for a Tonti Guzzi that came with a job lot of parts, it is a double sided belt and with the three pulleys. The belt has quite fine pitch teeth. The only thing I don’t understand is how you tension it, and also where you would get another belt from?. I always thought I’d end up throwing it away, but if you thought it was quite good…that’s sparked my interest.
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