timing on 750 strada

anybody know how to static time a 1991 strada 750. she has lucas ignition box and one pickup. ? thanks

Have a look here, you may find something to help you.


that site is the one when i did mine I measured it static then found I could fine tune it, but to be fair it works real good, I had to seal the connector from the lucas box as the slightest damp caused problems, silicone sealant did the job fine

Usually such that the rotor tip is inline with the pick-up pole piece @ slightly before TDC.

Where is it on a Strada 750?

Appendix ~ in case you don’t know, because the rotor tips are offset ~


If you look at the top of the rotor so that one ridge is at 6 O’clock & the other at about 2 O’clock (top right):

The 2 O’clock one is R/H cylinder, the 6 O’clock one is L/H cylinder.


thanks folks. have called in the expert on this. he will show me how to set the timing. informs me that the stuff i have is aftermarket for my yoke.