Timing on the 850/1000 bikes

Look here

Note the info “Timing marks”

Each tooth on the flywheel is = to 3.75 degrees SO 9 teeth back from TDC is where you need to be well worth keeping this info

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This may also help to find the timing marks

This info may help

On big block Guzzi the timing marks should be thus

The TDC mark Right hand Cylinder (Just above the D mark on the flywheel)
Distance to the Static mark is 4mm
Static mark to Full advance mark is 62mm
D Full advance to the arrow (which is the alighment arow is 24mm
The S (Left hand full advance to the D Topdeadcentre mark is 114 mm

For the 850T Le Mans 1-V Big Valve Cali 3 & 1000S these marks are:-

TDC-Static 16mm
Static-Full Advance 52mm
D-arrow 22mm
S full adv- D tdc 112mm

For V7 Sport,750S,earlyS3

DTDC-Static 26mm
Static-Full advance 52mm
D full to arrow 12mm
SFull advance-DTDC 102mm

Hope this helps

timing marks are a joke on my 850 there are non ,but its easy to sort

Yup follow the above from D top dead centre, the static mark needs only to be a mark the Full Advance is the one that you use the strobe on.

On mine they’re back to front, ‘D’ is left and ‘S’ is right, what’s that about then Bit too much Vino Collapso at lunchtime methinks