When problems turn up on my Guzzi, it can be annoying, but, ultimately, I enjoy a bit of tinkering with relatively minor issues , it gives me a sense of involvement. :smiley:

I do spend too long on e bay, I have a hankering for a V11 sport, or a late le mans, wiith a proper protective fairing

I’ve had my T3 a year now and have spent so long tinkering that I only managed 1600 miles between mot’s. I enjoy working on the bike but struggle with a lack of written info and very limited knowledge. If it wasn’t for people’s help on this forum I would have sold it by now.

I’m pretty clueless with moto engineering but with two of my Guzzis the problems have been simple and easily understood.
Now I’ve got an '06 V1100 with an added layer of technology, it’s fingers x’ed, We’ve got good Branches, I could always phone a friend.

I still have my Triumph that I had before any Guzzi. I wanted something a bit faster though and was considering a Triumph TSS the one with too many valves in. A friend suggested a Guzzi and I liked the simple push rod technology similar to my Triumph. Added to that all of the top end work can be done from the comfort of a stool with the cylinder between my legs, heaven!

And if not tinkering you can simply take a brew into the garage and contemplate the simple and elegant design. :slight_smile:

Before the Guzzi I had a BMW R1100RT for continental touring.

It was an excellent bike and my wife and I covered many thousands of untroubled miles. The problem for me was that it was a very uninvolving bike to ride and to own.

I changed it for my 1989 Cali III FF which I fully rebuilt and we subsequently toured with this instead. It was not quite as trouble free as the BMW but there is definitely a sense of achievement in completing a tour of 3000 - 4000 miles on this bike and it is certainly an involving bike to ride. Sometimes even getting a gear change right gives me a warm glow :stuck_out_tongue: .