Tips to find your way around the new Forum!

The Forum developers provide a good online guide: Discourse New User Guide - faq - Discourse Meta

  1. The order of the ‘Categories’ and ‘Topics’ therein changes depending on footfall.
  2. The Avatar Icon (top right) takes you to your personal settings
  3. The dots with the Avatars (or letter) next to your post shows you who has responded.
  4. You can now ‘like’ a post
  5. The 3 horizontal lines (hamburger) next to your Avatar takes you back to the menu
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Switch to ‘mobile’ view!

I just found out that I can switch from desktop mode to mobile mode.
Maybe this suits you better when using a mobile phone.

Cheers Uki

Hi Uki,

Finally managed to get on the new site. I had forgotten how to get into the old email account I originally used.

Just getting used to is, but for the life of me I cannot see how to start a new topic? I guess I am missing something, how is this done? I don’t see a new topic button anywhere

Hey @Somersetlemon1 - see the red oval Moto Guzzi logo? Click on that, and it takes you to the ‘home’ (or top) page. When you get there, look at the right side of the page and there’s a ‘New Topic’ button. Click on that and off you go - remember to pick a ‘category’ so that your post gets into the right section. Hope this helps!

Thanks. I found it in fact. I changed the background to white so everything is a lot clearer now, was very hard to see with the black background.

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How do I find my Private Messages ? We used to have a separate tab, but I can’t see it anywhere.

Click on your own icon (top right of page, on desktop) to see four options, one being an ‘envelope’ for messages. HTH.

Ah ha ! Found it. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry but the black does not work for me.
I cannot see it working for anyone if I’m honest.
Put simply it is appalling.
Maybe there is a work around but cannot be bothered I’m afraid.

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@admins - “the black” is, of course, “just a setting”, with which others have had no problem and indeed there are helpful posts about: You don't like the black background? - #3 by Webofficer

On behalf of future others, I wonder if there might not be a setting which makes the ‘default’ theme something less blac?

Hi Barry, thanks for stepping in to help, I’m still galavanting around Europe at the moment :sweat_smile:

I like the black but maybe we can do a poll when I am back to see how the majority feels about it and take it from there.

Cheers from sunny Austria, Uki


Good shout @Uki - I’m OK with it myself, but I did change to white and have seen plenty of others who have managed to do so, as well. Can’t please all of the people, etc. Enjoy Austria! Prost!

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Hi Barry,
I’m having more trouble than Somersetlemon1 trying to work out how to post a new topic, …

Likewise after clicking on the Guzzi logo in top left … I can’t see any hint of a ‘new Topic’ thingy on the rhs … I’m also looking at a black background page … and have no idea how to change it to white background either …! … Am I having a ‘senior moment’ … or just missing the obvious ??
ho hum …
Any help appreciated,

HI @ISCO - black colours or white, the ‘+ New Topic’ button is in the same place as illustrated earlier, and reached the same way as described there. Can’t say any more than that, really, since that is what it is!

Don’t like the black theme? Click on your profile image at top right (your profile image is currently a Mustard-coloured circle with an ‘I’ in it). Choose from the four icons that appear:

The one you want is the little ‘person’ icon - hover your mouse over it and it will say ‘Preferences’ - click on that to get to the Preferences panel, then look for Interface, then Colour Scheme - and choose ‘WCAG Light’ then Save Changes

If you’re new to forums such as these, check out the ‘Guide’ that @Webofficer provided a link to in the first post (top of page) in this thread.

Sorry I can’t provide a direct link for you.

edit: my instructions are as for a person using a web browser (as I am) - things may be slightly different on a phone or other device.

further edit: @WebOfficer - is it possible that ‘newer members’ (less activity) do not have the ‘New Topic’ option by default?

Hi, how do you edit a post you’ve created please? Trying to update the list of the Essex Branch meeting venue’s and can’t figure out how to do it xx Thank you, love Evie

Hi @Evie - not sure which post you are referring to, but as a general rule, after a short period of time when ‘edits are allowed’ (to make initial corrections, if necessary), forum posts then ‘set hard’ and cannot be edited repeatedly, particularly so once other members have responded to that thread (this latter point being a key feature of most ‘discussion forum’ software). This is essentially a discussion forum and the software is geared towards that usage.

If you are trying to frequently update an ‘events listing’, it may be that you’ll have to be creative in order to achieve that end within the limitations of this particular environment. One approach might be to post details for the upcoming meet only when they are confirmed and ‘set in stone’, perhaps at the start of that month - but you might consider another method more appropriate to your own branch and member needs. Hope this helps.

Barry, I think the reason is that I have added a post to the thread here If I remove my post Evie might be able to edit her original post. But I think we have covered the venue change sufficiently in this and other threads. :+1:

Perhaps. This is platform is, at the end of the day, a “discussion forum” and the software is focused to meet those needs. Sadly, this means that it may not be the ideal platform for sharing branch meet details and news, but there are other ways that those requirements might be met cheaply - for free*. Perhaps an issue to be raised at the AGM, but not one that I personally feel the need to raise: my perspective on what works and what might not will not be the same as the perceived needs from the “club rep” perspective. I might also be ignorant of “official club” requirements in this respect.

*Example: if it were me, I’d perhaps be looking to create a free ‘weblog’ site, using Wordpress or similar, which could be used to publish full listings of Branch events, share reports on past events and so on. But I freely admit that I offer that from a context of being familiar with the technology and “finding it easy”. I recognise that others do not necessarly find it so easy, and am also aware that it might potentially move some “official club” information into the public domain. Perhaps “the club” might be petitioned to create ‘sub-domains’ (of the main website) for each region, where the club reps can publish and maintain “regional info”, but I have no idea, personally, whether that is achievable with the current set-up, or indeed desirable. I’m also aware that we currently lack a “web officer” who presumably might champion such issues and oversee solutions.