Todays Sunday Times

Their is an interesting article in Todays Sunday times, it features Gwen Byrom, sitting on her Moto Guzzi Californian
Gwen is the Headmistress of Loughborough High School and is taking on an additional role from the new year
her Husband is the house husband, me I cant see a problem, the kids look well fed and happy
however some readers on the online magazine are getting rather piqued, possibly the Alpha Male types who like to lead and be in command ( met enough in my working life)
Good on her, and to the Alpha males its upsetting I hope they choke on their Machiatto

I don’t have a problem with it myself. Good luck to them both I say.

Done the house-husband thing.
Still do to some extent.
Never recognised the gender role malarky.
My dad was a steelworker, ex-soldier and not to be messed with.
Did his shift came home and helped out with kids, cooking, washing etc.
Good on the ST for including the added charm of a Guzzi :smiley:
Have fun

Long time ago I knew a 30+ gunner in Colchester.
He was good enough to be Sergeant at least and was Commando trained.
On talking to him I found out his wife was high up in Eastern District BR and on 4* his salary so he remained in Colchester rather than get posted to Germany and to do this he got himself medically downgraded.
Sensible bloke with a sensible attitude, also 6’2’’ as well as highly intelligent and fit so any macho idiots could go jump.

It appears that both Gwen and her husband are club members.
It has been suggested that this is a potential PR opportunity.
Any thoughts?
All the best

Too late IMO

Never mind - ‘Long legged and easy to live with’.

Buy a Guzzi, jack in work, farm your Missus out to the highest bidder. Gets my vote.

Been there, seen it, done it (still doing it !) don’t show this to my wife - she would rather I was the Alpha male :wink:
Can’t get her on a Guzzi though :frowning:

Ha - Mrs B actually managed to write off the Pearl before I did. She’s defo the trouser wearer and brains of the outfit, keeps me in bikes though. A marriage made in heaven surely?