Tom Tom Sat nav fitting

I understand that Guzzis come pre fitted with a Sat Nav power supply with Tom Tom plug which is hidden under the fuel tank near to the stock headÂ

anyone know which type of plug this is and has anyone fitted using this cableÂ

It depends on the age and model. My 2010 Stelvio has a cigar lighter socket under the pillion seat.

I was about to ask the same question for my 1200 sport. It’s nothing to do with  the 12v socket under the seat i believe. and does it fit any Tom Tom?Â

on a 2012 Norge the tomtom power lead is under the headstock on the left, cable tied onto the loom. the tank has to be removed and cable loom pulled to the left to have any chance of seeing it.

it will only reach up about six inches, to the point where the ‘special’ tomtom bracket fits between the handle bars. I had tank off three times before I found it

watch out when removing tank that you don’t break the ‘quick connect’

Cheers Jimmac. i’ll have a look sometime. So the cable just plugs straight in, yes? No extensions or adapters required?

plugs straight in to a tomtom cradle - not the unit, at least not a Rider.

be careful with the tank ‘quick connect’ it is not hard to break it off and then you have a problem.

I’ve looked into this as my Stelvio has the wiring harness for the TomTom cradle. My wife has the TTR2 so we’ve used that but I wanted to find a quick-attach method so I could also use my Garmin cradle (and switch back to the TTR2 when it suits)

The obvious sway to do this would be to make up a short adapter cable. I searched and searched but could not locate a supply source for the connector that would plug into the harness (in place of the TomTom cradle) at the ‘bike end’ of the short adapter cable. So, the only alternative it seems would be to cut the original MG harness and fit it with a new mating connector to power the Garmin unit

I’ve digressed a bit! The main point I wanted to make was about the robustness of the TomTom powered cradle. Before we bought ours, we read up on the reviews and the main criticism was that the cradle failed to charge the satnav(power pins)? after less than a year in many cases. Unfortunately, we have had the same experience and in order to effect a repair, it looks like you will end up destroying the unit. We think the internal connections may have corroded prematurely and have also found that it doesn’t like vibration much, either!

The recently introduced revised TomTom units may have a different and better cradle. I hope so!


I have been using the same cradle for 12 years, in all weathers, fixed to handlebar so always fully exposed and never had an issue with it. I suppose, like anything else, there are good and bad units but I must admit to having never seen anything that would highlight a regular issue with them

12 years, Jim? Wow - Is this the TomTom manufactured powered mount and does this work with the current Satnavs? We are looking for a reliable alternative to the TTR / TTR2 powered mount so any details would be greatly appreciated. Ta


it was a Rider 2 I got and it came with the cradle, don’t know what model the cradle is - is it marked up somewhere ?

it looks like this one

Thanks, Jim.

Yep - that’s the one we have had problems with!


never a minutes problem with it in all those years, its not that complicated as these things go. One of us might have a rogue, or quality dropped later ?

I have used one of these cradles for seven or eight years now with no charging problems. My bike is left out in all weathers, whether in the car park at work or on my driveway at home. I have often wondered if the problems arise if the feed to the cradle is ‘live’ always. Any opinions on this? I have mine wired from a tap off the rear light, through a relay/fuse that I got (neatly wired) from Eastern Beaver, so it’s only fed when the ignition is on.
I am on my second cradle alright, but the problem I had was that the little pivot pins to the left and right are so close to the surface of the plastic material that they caused it to crack. I did ‘repair’ it with Araldite and it worked ok till some eejit ripped it apart in France a couple of years ago. I had a problem sourcing a new unit.

tomtom now don’t sell the power cradle for the rider series, the new cradle looks the same but has a 5 or 8 pin backing plate the rider 1/2/&3 had 4 pins, and my cradle has lasted 6yrs so far. :astonished:

To add some balance;

I’m using that cradle but have had problems. I think that the vibration will cause wear and slop between the sat nav body and the cradle until the connection becomes tenuous. I also have a mark on one of the pads that those sprung pins press against like maybe it is wearing through. My unit is around 4 years old and gets used on number of bikes including my rigid mount Sportster (did I mention vibration?).

I first became aware that the charging was at best intermittent when I got the unit warning me of low battery when I was out in Belgium one time. That was on my Veefer which has a screen and I was able to pull the unit back firmly into the cradle with a bungee. I’ve since built up the mating surfaces with araldite to make a tight fit in the holder and it’s been working ok this last year.

But we’re all a bit off piste here. I just run an extra wire from the relay I have fitted for hot grips which I also use on all of my longer haul bikes.

On my 1200 sport 2v it`s the green plug ( under the fuel tank)

Well, with my Mandello trip fast approaching i thought i’d better get finger out and buy a satnav, Decided on TomTom 410, one reason being that i found the connecting plug near the headstock that plugs into TomTom’s…Or so i thought! Turns out that they have changed in the last few years so i E-Mailed TomTom customer support to see if they could supply an adaptor between new type and old. After several Emails and pictures of connector sent back and forth the answer came back. No! However…they did offer me a 25% discount and a free carrycase if i still went ahead and bought one, SOLD! £319.99 for satnav
£ 19.99 for case
£-99.99 discount
£239.99 = Bargain!