TomTom rider

I have a tomtom rider 50 and recently bought a few routes from Simon Weir. Arrived by email just fine downloaded onto tablet and phone just fine, but will they transfer to my tomtom, will the bo%#*^@s. Followed all the directions from tomtom but its not synchronising or whatever its supposed to bloody do. Given up now and taken to drink (well it is saturday). Have a neighbour who,s tech savvy so i may collar him tomorrow, so sneaked a ride to apex motorcycles for a peek and then strawberry fields for a nice coffee this afternoon, so not all bad :+1:

have you tried importing them into a phone app, loads of apps allow that. tomtom go ride app is free and imports .gpx routes.

I put them on the go ride app, only 5 arrived but none would open :see_no_evil: i hate fizzing technology

I have a TomTom Rider 550 & the only way I can get external routes onto that is to copy them to an SD card & import them manually.

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All sorted :hugs: wonderful neighbour who,s a computer wizz plugged my tomtom into his laptop and passed the files across that way. :+1:

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