Tonti lives

I know most of you “purists” won’t like these! I admit the exhaust pipes could be changed but a new 1400 engine in a Tonti frame?? looks good to me!

Looking forward to the usual “how very dare they” etc etc?!?!?!? :laughing:

Looks good especially the “radical” swinging arm, wonder what size tyre you could fit in that?

That is spot on! Apart from the see through centre. I’d love to have a go.

wheels front / rear 2,5 x 18 3,5 x 18
tires front / rear 110/80/18 150/70/18
It is all there but in German :nerd:

The exhausts would be great in winter to keep your feet warm! I also am not convinced with the open space where the side panels should be, you need toolboxes for sandwiches and of course tools! Well I do! :smiley: