Tonti triangular side panels

Has anyone advice on how to fit this style of side panel?
(the cheaper one of the two)


These are replica V7 Sport tool box covers, they originally had a metal tool box behind them and fixed to the box via hinges and a lock. The boxes were bolted to lugs on the frame, two of the bolts had rubbers on the battery side to hold the battery in place. How you fix covers without boxes is a whole different question!

Guy Wain has fitted similar panels which he made himself. Kate is a regular on the forum and may be able to help.
I’d be tempted to get the panels and work from there.
I’m smitten by the stainless steel P clips with rubber inserts which I’ve used on a couple of non-standard fitments.
Brackets which aren’t welded on aren’t too difficult to fabricate either.
B interested in how it goes as I have a cunning plan for a special with this sort of sidepanel.

Stainless “P” clips sound good, they used to be available up to 25mm from RS.G.

Cling-strap cable cleats are another item that come in handy for this type of thing. guzzibear2013-09-13 11:31:15

Maybe I should phone gutsibits, the cheap ones look too small to fit over the lugs like the expensive are designed to do, I don’t want to make permanent alterations to my frame by cutting the lugs off.

The standard tonti side panels clip onto brackets that bolt onto the frame so not too drastic if you do need to cut them off. I am sure I have read the usual way to attach the triangular side panels is to weld on 3 brackets, the pipe clips in the link above look like a good alternative to welding.