Too many connections to battery

I currently have heated grips, heated jacket, 12v socket and normal battery leads on my G5.
Any suggestions on how to avoid having to connect 4 wires to each terminal?

I used one of these

They are perfect as you can connect to either switched live or permanent live, depending on the accessory.

Yes. An auxiliary fuse box would be a good idea. have a look at Vehicle Wiring Products.

And I did this

Gives 3 independent circuits and mounted on the LH side of the bike got access to the battery and the brake light for the ignition controlled supply

See "Fuse and RelaySocket)tris2014-06-16 07:59:23

All good suggestions
But a bit beyond my time/funds/ability at the moment.
As each has an inline fuse I was thinking more low tech, along the lines of joining connectors with nut and bolt and wrapping in insulating tape.
Probably not the best solution

take feed from s/motor .