Tool Kit - V7 II Special

What tools should come as standard in the tool kit ?

I recently purchased a new V7 II Special (16 Plate), and the only tool supplied is a spanner to adjust the rear shock absorbers.

My previous V7 Special (08 Plate) had a reasonably comprehensive set of tools; including a spark plug socket, screwdriver, (and a spanner to adjust the rear shock absorbers !), etc.

I have spoken to the dealer a couple of times, but still await a reply.

I certainly don’t wish to gloat … but when I purchased my new V7 II , in 2015 … It came with exactly twice as much as you received …!! Along with a c-spanner, I found one solitary, lonesome, forlorn, little allen key …!! Somewhere between the factory gates and the dealers showroom door, there will be a “light-fingered tea-leaf” cornering the global markets in cheap screwdrivers, easily deformed open-ended spanners, and plug-spanners that “round-off” with anything more than “finger-tightness” …!! They are everywhere, but karma will get them in the end… Cynique … Moi …!! Regards, Tony

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Well, I have heard. Apparently the only tool supplied is the spanner to adjust the rear shock absorbers.

But also with the reply came a comprehensive set of tools that the dealer had put together. What a wonderful New Year surprise.

The Dealer: Wheels of Peterborough

Everyone I dealt with there was very pleasant.

So, my thanks to them.


My V7 II stone just had a C spanner and blade fuse puller.
I am sure Moto Guzzi/Piaggio could do alot better.

PS Dealer support so far has been good.