top box

Hi All, A Euro trip is planned for the summer so I need a top box, Givi or Kappa seem to be the most popular, not too keen on the becker stuff, The Kappa is cheaper than Givi and it seems you get the adapter plate too, a further saving, has anyone got any experience of them? thanks

Can’t go wrong with Givi, easy to get parts etc, and plenty secondhand on ebay etc. If you go for one make sure it’s a Monokey with matching mounting plate, much stronger than the Monolock which is really intended for the lighter scooter boxes.

In support of Givi mine kept the rear end up and saved the silencer in a spill -
the box took a little acceptable scraping but nothing misshapen or leaky.
Keep an eye on the little rubber gromets on the plate when lifting the box, they tend to stick and detatch with it.


Which bike do you need it for Marcus ? You’ll see I’ve got one for the Breva/Norge for sale on the accessories area and it’s basically a Givi re-badged for Guzzi.

its for a V11 sport

If you end up with a Wingrack have a look at the Kappa K21/Givi E21 panniers. They offer good luggage space and don’t stick out past the bars - which is nice :wink:

A long time ago Bruce Preston wrote that no part of a motorcycle should be wider than 36’.
It is a good rule.

Agreed! If riding solo then a waterproof Ortleib bag and/or tent sit nicely across the pillion seat/panniers and still be narrower than the bars

Tell that to the chap who designed the Stelvio with the Trax luggage…who could be the same guy who designed the KTM 990 Adventure with the Gobi panniers too :unamused:

I wish I could remember the measurements for my KTM but 40"+ rings a bell.

There are some other examples out there too, like BMW’s F8000GS Adventure which uses an extra wide fuel tank under the pillion seat, then outboard of this are the pannier rails, then outboard of these are the two shipping containers…I mean aluminium panniers.


Having owned all manner of large wide bikes, with even wider expanding panniers, I’ve now decided that, no matter what the purists say about spoiling the handling and lines of a bike, a narrow bike with a topbox and perhaps slim throwovers is the way to tour on todays overcrowded roads. It’s reassuring when filtering to know that if the bars will fit so will the rest of the bike. The Buell is 33 inches wide over the bars.

My RT only just scrapes through then!

I am a hater of top boxes. Weight high up, kicking the thing every time you try and get your leg over etc. Only one I ever liked was free from BMW. Bloke on evil bay coughed up stupid money because it was still in the wrapper.

Roll top bag and throwovers if the trip is longer than a week or camping for me.


We could start a club… they are the abomination of the bike world and are they UGLEE???, they make even the most beautifully crafted bike look like a North Sea Ferry. Take a look at the Triumph Sprint 1050 a lovely angular design, fit a top box and it’s higher than the rider.

In fact… Dear Mr Farage… if you get to into power,(stop laughing at the back!),… can you please pass a law…

I used to be a topbox hater but it’s more secure than leaving a tank bag on the bike. (Or worse, carrying it.) Tends to have a mite more room too.

thanks guys for the advice, not a lover of a 'box but there are pretty damn handy!

My cali Vintage just scrapes in then at 32" wide, I am not on the fan list of top boxes, they just spoil the look of the bike.
Happy to take up any kind offer of putting my helmet in one on someone else s bike when we get to a stop… :blush:
any helmet security/weather protection suggestions other than a top box. wire lock and carrier bag on the seat is the current method.

Quite so! Think you’ll find the blurb says how many helmets a box will hold when you go online shopping for one…

Yes indeedy! Have used one before yonks ago, now I’ve got one again I thought blimey I’d forgetten all about how nice it is just to chuck stuff in AND have it locked up and out of sight… it’s like having a car boot…

'Course I’ve got two now 'cause the X10 came with one … for the 850 Guzzi I chose a 34 litre Givi monolock, nicest looking style I could find (for my taste), and doesn’t look stupidly huge on the bike (unlike the 45L one I tried!).

The X10’s one is a massive 52 litres …