Torque / heavy flywheel

OK, I’m new to Guzzis, my Cali’ 3 is the only one I’ve ridden.Reminds me of when I’ve test ridden Harleys, idle is slow, takes a while to be convinced it isn’t going to stall on pulling away.Is this just a Cali’ thing? I can’t imagine that the sportier versions have, what I assume is such heavy flywheels?

It’s a Guzzi thing they use old drain covers I think …

Hi 1150GS (I used to own one, better bike than the 1200.), can I suggest you invest in Guzziology by Dave Richardson. It will answer almost every technical question you can think of regarding Guzzis. If I could only keep one Guzzi book out of the shelf full I own that would be it!

A “bit” scary at that price though

There are now and again 2nd hand ones available and at Branch Meets sometimes one you can borrow for a while …but they are HUGE books with loads of info in them on EVERY Guzzi, not so sure if they have much on the new bikes but then mine is an old one and only goes to the early 2000 bikes.

keep eye on the for ale threads
I just sold one for £25.00

came with a lot of bike bits i bought

The tourers have drain covers for the flywheel, the Lemans have lightweight dust bin lids. They pick up a lot quicker.

Well worth the read.
Very well written with a fine line in irony (much needed with our bikes).
Worth the price. Mine cost me $38.00 in '97.

Got any mates in, or a business trip planned to, Seattle