Torque Wrench Settings

Good morning, all. The bike is a '95 Nevada 750. Does anyone know where I can find a list of torque wrench settings? I’m used to old Japanese bikes, with steel bolts screwing into monkey metal castings, so I’m a touch anal about tightening torques. I’m just about to do the oil & filter; that oil filter bolt looks pretty strippable to me…

Mine is Breva 750 so probobly same bolt and I agree.
Basically I go for that’ll do with a standard 1/2’’ ratchet.
How easy did you find this site to locate and get on?It is a new site and we are still in the teething issues state.

Thanks Ian. I’m a big strong (and old) boy, so my ‘that’ll do’ may be more than ideal…

The site was easy to find, but I was already a member when the change took place, so I’m not perhaps the best man to ask.Â

And now that I have the thing apart, what (if any) is the other function of the sump front drain plug? I had expected just a steel plug with a magnet (like the rear drain plug), but it’s made of brass, with a stepped centre boss which seems to have some sort of small insert held in by a tiny hairspring circlip. I thought at first it might be some sort of PRV, but there’s no vent, so what on earth is it? It must have cost a lot more to make than a plain Jane drain plug, so what is its purpose? I really can’t imagine. Â Â