Touring Canada

I am working on a trip to Canada using my own UK bike, has anybody here any experience of shipping a bike by air into Canada, and the likely costs and pitfalls involved?

Not tried, but airfreight is generally pretty expensive. Reckon on at least 5 dollars per kg, so you won’t get any change out of $1000 each way. In addition there are strict rules about hazardous materials, so you may not be able to leave oil in it, or fuel, and there might be paperwork to prove.

On the other hand sea freight should be much cheaper and should take max 2-3 weeks each way . Have a look at shipping to New York or Baltimore, only a day or so ride up to the Canadian border. One of our branch members reckons the break even point is around 3 week trip, in other words if you are going for less than 3 weeks it will be cheaper to hire, more than 3 weeks, it makes more sense to ship your own bike.

I can recommend a ride along the north bank of the St Lawrence in the fall, very beautiful.