Tragedy on VHB 30

just stripped the thread on the filter inlet on the above carb, trying to tighten it as it was leaking.Please tell me someone has a foolproof trick so i dont have to scrap the whole carb !!!

i think the wall is too thin to increase the size. I got some vhb 30 spares of Ray, may be worth pm’ing him to see if he has a spare body

think i got some spares will have a buchers .or if you can send it me i might be able to fix it ie helicoil etc or threaded bush

I have a spare body which side is it buddy? May have one for either side not sure but I know i do have ont throttle body spare. Heck Min just helped me out BIG time with rear wheel “flange”

That is a pickle - from memory think there’s enough metal to take a helicoil

It’s the offside one" CD" ?

Is this a timely reminder for the benefit of others to check the seals are OK before welly-ing the bolt?
Mike H2012-08-08 18:40:56

The spare I have is a VHB30CS BUT as far as I can tell the difference is the throttle stop and pilot mix screws would be on the inside.

He hasn’t told us yet which side it is


Erm yes he has BUT y probably thought it was me as he uses the same avatar

I would have thought there is enough metal around the thread to put a helicoil in

Dagnammit …

Ah there ya go, I thought so too

Thanks to everybody for all comments having had a closer look there is just enough thread left to still nip it upThe origional problem was what appeared to be a leak from the seal but in fact turned out to be a crack in the plastic fuel pipe connector so with a new metal one and a new filter i have managed to nip it upWe’ll see how it goesThank again to all contributersDave

Ah the dreaded white nylon, yes metal are best.