transmission whine

having just bought my first Guzzi (V7 stone 2014) 15k miles. I am very pleased with it and enjoying its character. However i am hearing a whine i assume is from the gearbox, over 4k revs with the throttle open. Is this normal? I may put fresh oil in 90/140 and see if this helps.
When i picked the bike up the dealer was putting fresh engine oil in and said he had serviced the bike. however the oil plug for the transmission was seized and was difficult to remove suggesting he had not checked the oil. Also the shaft drive filler, oil plug and drain bolts were seized. The oil from the shaft drive was disgusting and looked congealed so i put fresh oil in.
Any suggestions appreciated.

The gearbox is 85W/90 and the final drive is 85W/140. The whine probably comes from the primary reduction gears and is, unfortunately, fairly common.

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I spoke to Guzzi mechanic who said it was normal transmission noise. He did suggest i wear earplugs to prevent tinnitus :slight_smile:

I have a 19 year Breva 750, whines like a moaning teenager
still runs sweetly though

Earplugs are a good idea…, usually to prevent Wind Noise from encouraging Tinnitus, but they also covers a multitude of other sins… :wink:

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