Tubeless cali wheels

Apologies for my lack of knowledge but looking at two Cali’s. One is a 2001 1100 EV and has the spokes going to the outside of the rim so, I believe, it can have tubeless tyres fitted. The other, a 2008 cali Vintage, has the spokes all running in a line down the centre of the rim which, I assume, means they must be tubed. Is that correct that Moto Guzzi went back from a tubeless setup to tubed?


Yes it looks like Guzzi went back to tubed tyres. 2001 EV for me then ( nothing to do with the one in the photo ).

My Stelvio had tubeless tyres on spoked wheels which had an O ring to each spoke where it passed through the rim, added to this a mix of metals and then a large dose of road salt and I decided to switch to mag wheels, after one seal failed. I could see that this could be an ongoing problem.

I can see that corrosion might be a problem but don’t all spoked wheels have the same issue? I assume after the O ring failed you got a loose spoke, I will put it on the list of things to ( forget as too excited ) check, thanks. I don’t know if you can get mag wheels for a Cali 2001ish, will try and find out.

I’m not sure why the O ring failed, the air leaked out but the spoke was not loose. There was a strange mix of metals, aluminium rim, stainless spoke and zinc plated mild steel nipple with the O ring in the middle of that lot. I guess that combination is ok in the dry climate of Italy but around here on wet salted roads?