Tuning EPROM chip Cali 1100

Does anybody have experience of using a performance chip? Which type offers best results in a non cat Cali (Stone) 1100 2003 model? I have used these on K series BMW’s with good results for performance AND fuel economy.
Various vendors on ebay from £40-£140.
All the best.

There is no chip on a Cali Stone. Best bet is to get custom map for a PC111 USB or get programmeable ECU. Guzzirider2013-08-17 14:05:25

I have a PC111 with K&N filter and open pipes (not offensive) on my Stone. I chose a map from guzzitech that most closely matched my set-up. I reckon I have lost a little top speed ( >100 mph is no fun on a stone ) but gained a lot in midrange. I get a good 55 mpg solo or fully loaded and two up, makes no difference. Worthwhile IMHO.