turbulence over the T3 Cali screen?

Guzzibrat and I were discussing this last night. I am 6 feet tall and experience pretty heavy turbulence/helmet vibration/noise at around 70mph. if i duck down, sit further back or tilt my head forward it improves but none of the above are safe or sustainable. Has anyone managed to solve this problem? Its the standard ‘barn door’ T3 Cali screen.
many thanks

Have you thought of one of those defectors which sit at the top of the scrren? Many seem to find them very good/

In short, you need a different screen. I’m 6’3", so perhaps I’m more affected by turbulence than most, but the only type of screen that actually works is one where there is a slot at the bottom, allowing air to travel up the inside of the screen.

The ‘inside’ air stream joins the ‘outside’ air stream at the top of the screen, and the flow is lifted more cleanly over the head of the rider.

My BMW 1100RT has such a screen (as do many modern bikes.)

Perhaps the Guzzi barn-door screen works for the average Italian (5’7" or thereabouts) but it’s useless for taller riders.
I had a Spada fairing on a Convert recently. It was appalling! I improved it by fitting the top part of an MRA screen to the top of the Spada screen, creating a ‘slot’ where air can pass up the inside of the MRA screen.
It was a big improvement.

There are various ‘deflectors’ on the market, some of which just fit on the top of the existing screen, and others which start part-way down from the top, and extend above it (creating the slot effect) so something like that may be worth a try.
Personally, I’d get a second-hand one to experiment with, because most of the ones available as new accessories are grossly overpriced for what they are!

why not try tapeing astrip of card to the top of your screen,to see if it makes any differance,then you could make it bigger or smaller to see the changes,my quip which was so rudely deleted was meant as a joke,well sort of,most of those italians are a bunch of short arses you might be suprised by not having a screen atall works best,it did for me

I cannot see why your reply was deleted.
Afterall that has been the solution for many still in the club who are now Guzziless.
I shall be camping with 2 of them this w/e.

i dont know either,but i’m gonna blame it on the times we live in and cutbacks lol,thought it was the mention of the bmw and not apologising for their conduct throughout the second world war

To say that you cured your turbulence problem by swapping the Guzzi for a BMW was not at all helpful, and after all this is the tech section.

it might not be the most high tech answer,but trust me it worked very well

Oh boy here we go again

The V1000 has the same screen as the T3 Cali here is the list of things I HAVE DONE OVER THE YEARS AND MILES TO IMPROVE THE BUFFETING
OOPs hit caps lock again

I am 6ft 1
The first thing you will see if you pop some bits of ribbon on your jacket I had “scalps” but that is another story (They were hair samples I got and used as zip tags) The air flows UPWARDS so a full face lid will rattle as air hits it from beneath

Guzzi developed these for Police use in the 70’s when the Chips and Italians were using open face lids with peaks They DO work better BUT one with a visor has similar problems.

You can experiment with the screen angle try tilting it back then more upright , it differs for every rider.

You can also alter the height so more air gets under it.

As Brian says get some sturdy card or plastic and fit it to the top I actually placed the flat of my left hand there to find where the turbulence stopped , from that it is fairly easy to cut some perspax and drill it BUt I found to space it out the width of a 6mm nut dunno why but it helps attach the cut perspex to the outside of the top of the screen.

Also I found out purely by accident that a smooth "billiard ball lid gives far less turbulence than any lid with ridges on it. IE an Arai FV (smooth) less rattling and head wobbling at speed whearas the Shoei Raid 2 with aerodynamic mouldings works great on the V11 but truly awful on the V1000

I took years to sort it out BUT without a screen is almost unbearable above 70 after 40+ miles

Took me years and years to get through all these 'sperimants I even cut an old screen down to match a “spitfire” screen it works but the org one just looks so right. I have also fitted a spada fairing and screen to the bike but I just didn’t like riding behind the huge fairing and the turbulence was not that much less at speed than the one I had altered about.

I totaly agree with the ole skid lid thing,my triumph sprint900 was so painful when i had a caberg flip front alfull lid got a shoie much better,got a schberth c3 alfull again,my mates bmw1200c had the same problem,he’s bout 6’3ish took the screen off sorted,i find a smaller one works better for me,don’t even have one on the 1000s,but then we’re a hardy bunch down yer in devon

thanks for all above (including the swap to a BMW ) i dont really want to start drilling holes in my screen to be honest. Currently it is set to its highest position which was supposed to allow max flow beneath it to help equalise pressure both sides of the blade, am sure it does that but it doesnt work for me. Maybe if i lower it to its lowest position it will move the turbulence down to chest height which may be preferable to face height. i have ridden without the blade but that was when it was stripped back bare and i didnt find it a problem. The screen looks right atm as i have tne panniers back on. The lid is a Givi XO7 open face with cheek pads and full visor with internal sun visor. Lovely hat but if i can just move the turbulence away it would be 100% better albeit at higher speeds. (well high for a 37 year old bike )
Not much play in terms of tilt but i guess tilting back would work best?

Usually tilting back helps, but it’s all personal.

The benefit of the bolt on deflectors is that you can angle them independantly of the screen so you have almost infinite adjustment and because they have an air gap between them and screen you do get cleaner airflow.

You have read this thead?Brian UK2012-05-28 23:54:56

clamp fitted adjustable deflector? now that interesting. will have a few more attempts at faffing about with height and tilt and if no joy will probs attempt a self build version, promptly followed (no doubt) by the real thing if it works for me.
thanks all

I managed to alter the angle by popping two spacers and longer bolts in, daft as it seems it was mote upright that helped me. BUT although I am 6ft 1" I have short legs and long body, built for Italian sports bikes

It IS a pain in the ass to keep on altering stuff BUT it does work in the end. If you can borrow an open face lid with peak see what that does. also to check the airflow pop some bits of fabric to the zips of your jacket. Once you get rid of the airflow circulating up the body the turbulence dissapears.

A quick check is to just put your left arm across your body just below chest height. If you are ever at one of the shows/rallies we can chat about it buddy.

thanks GB - i am in pm contact with gtmdriver about his self made deflector. Nice little project for the summer to mess with. May even dust my notes off and do some Fluid Dynamics on the pc for a laugh but too many variables for a single solution of course. Will be at Fordingbridge so may bump into you and let you know how its gone.

As my Cali screen is at the top of it’s adjustment, I am going to bolt on a couple of pieces of flat bar which will give me a bigger range of movement. I reckon just another inch or so will cure the turbulence , whilst still allowing me to see over the top. Hopefully done before I head to Scotland next week , buy hey, I have managed so far.

photos of the mod to follow


The wierd thing I found was sitting it more upright worked which surprised me