Twin plug Le Mans 4

Hi all, can anyone advise on experience with twin plug conversions on Le Mans 4?
I’m looking for someone reputable and experienced in the UK that could do this. Any recommendations?
Also is it a worthwhile spend ? I’m restoring the bike and this seems an ideal time to do this.
Cheers. CharlyÂ

Well worth it in our view…better engine response and fuel consumption…Nigel at NBS did our heads…

I had mine done by Rotadale, better fuel consuption/more power as the mixture burns better in the combustion chamber. Not sure who to recommend now as Rotadale are no more.

Great thank you all for your response.Â

Nigel NBS did recently do a pinion drive refurb for me also Rotadale seems to be Pietro who is now in West Chiltington just down the road from me ( well 20 miles or so) so will give him a call and see if he does twin plugs. Â

Guykate and chris950s : were you happy with the workmanship/finish of the work? Anything I should look out for?

Again thanks for your responses. Very helpful. Feeling encouraged :slight_smile:


The workmanship was very good, any further details via PM