"two for joy"

I liked the 850 V7 Special so much that I went back after a few weeks and bought the Stone.


Hi can you tell me what make screen you have on your v 7 (850) as are trying to find the best looking one . It must be nice to have two of them Ray

I have a DART MARLIN in petrol blue.
I bought it from someone on the V7 facebook goup.
Here is a Youtube of someone fittting it to his bike.


I had three Guzzis when this photo was taken, both of these have been sold and my 1974 950 is still off the road. I do regret parting with the 1100 Sport but it didn’t suit two up touring. The Spada III was too small for us so I bought a Stelvio. I still have the Triumph though :grinning: