Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Afternoon All,
Cold and wet so no motorcycling today, therefore doing some Christmas shopping on line.
I wonder if anyone has experience of tyre pressure monitoring systems?
There appears to be a vast range on the Internet with prices ranging from £20 to £120.
Top one seems to be the Michelin one which is highly recommended but now seems to have disappeared, and Michelin say they are developing a new one
I ask myself were there problems with the original one?
This item is for a Christmas gift for a family member motorcyclist.
Personally I would prefer the type where the display can be removed from the handlebars when the bike is left parked and unattended.
Not something I have ever been involved with and not being a high tech person, I thought maybe there may be some help from the Forum.
Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction or maybe advise of the
"do’s "and “don’ts”.
Hoping to make someone happy on Christmas Day
Seasons Greetings to you all

you need to calculate the weight of the unit against a standard valve, the wheels will require balancing to compensate , as they are heavier

frankly a good tyre pressure gauge, checking your tyres before you ride away, and not being a skinflint and trying to get the last few miles out of a tyre, might work out cheaper in the long run

Hi, I bought some cheap ones off ebay 3 years ago.
Surprisingly accurate. Valve cap weight is negligible.
Fascinating seeing the pressure variation whilst riding due to rising tyre temperature.
Did once confirm my suspicion that I had slow puncture.
Are they worth having? Probably not but keeps me amused.

Thank you for your prompt reply rapheal.
I no longer ride a motorcycle every day as it is now not necessary.
However as I was taught and have done so for many years, my routine is that if I am going out for a ride, I check the oil, the lights, and above all the tyre pressures.
Then fill up with fuel as my pet aversion is meeting friends at a given point and they turn up late and need to fill up with fuel (even further delays).
Perhaps in my initial post, I did not make it clear what I needed.
Having been the victim of at least 4 wheel back and 1 front wheel puncture over the years, I am conscious of tyre pressures and conditions.
I am afraid after 50 miles of riding and having a back wheel blowout and knowing that it was OK when I started out from home is no comfort.
To have a visual indication and warning in front of me on the bike would appear to be a good idea as well as a safety feature.
Thanks for all responses

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you dont get blowouts on tubeless tyres, I had a rear wheel puncture recently and the bike started to weave a little, ample time to pull over in my case
you could always fill the tyres with gloop, that self seals in the case of a puncture
my daughters car had this system on it with a display on the dash, always seemed to be giving problems due to temperature change, the BMW integrated system is very good, but they are big heavy lumps of metal
a few reviews here that might help

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I came to that conclusion when I fitted a duff leaky one. I have gone back to carrying a digital guage and checking pressures weekly or daily when I cover high miles