Tyre pressure

Advice, Re: V7iii Stone fitted with BT46.
I weigh 12 stone, enjoy light touring. Any thoughts regarding tyre pressure? At present running 36 rear and 32 front.

All figures should be cold

This could open a can of worms :slight_smile: more often or not tyre manufacturers quote a pressure front and rear such as 36 42 and then you have the bike manufacturer recommendation which can the same or different.

Then I believe is the 10% rule on tyre inflation so that legally you should not be running 10% below recommended pressure.

Now days tyre pressure for solo and pillion is usually the same i.e 36 front 42 rear (or as specified)

So checking your handbook and checking the tyre manufacturers web site for pressures is a good starting point, you can alter your pressures and see what suits you best bearing in mind the weather (temperature) makes a difference plus the way the tyre heats up varies with pressure.

Go out for a ride , min. 10 miles riding normal/usual style , dismount and feel the tyre temperature [ I use the back of my hand ] , if the tyres are cold pressure is TOO high .
If cold , reduce pressure by 2psi. , do another ride and do the same check , keep doing this until both tyres are the same temperature .
I did this with my V7 850 special and found 32 front and 36 rear were about right for me , [ weight similar to you ]