Tyres and sizes for V50 Monza

I’m getting a bit more confident on my Monza now and the cornering speeds and cruising speeds are creeping up. I think it’s time to replace the ageing (although still plenty of tread) tyres as they are both showing signs of cracking along the sidewall and are of unknown origin being on the bike when I acquired it. Up front there’s an Avon Roadrider 100/90-18 with a Battlax BT45 110/90-18 on the rear. I would like to replace both with a matching set and ideally go down one size to 90/90-18 front and 100/90-18 rear which I believe are the recommended sizes and I have read that the V50 rides best on skinnier tyres. Trouble is, choice is really limited at those sizes so what to do? I am happy with the way the bike handles today on the larger sizes but I don’t know any better and I’m curious to know how it will handle on smaller tyres. The simple answer would be to fit Roadriders front and rear but I have read scare stories about quality control and cracking between the treads. Should I worry about that? Or better to go up a size and pick from a wider choice? Sorry to post a tyre thread (groan) but there’s not much on here on that subject. Thanks.

pirelli sport demons are the best i have ever ridden (on a new v7). Avon assured me that the Roadrider problems are gone .

I hated every minute with the BT45 and worried about the need to over inflate

my baby v35 has a new set of heidenau tires and I’m loving the sharp but safe handling they give, much much more confident on roads than I ever was on my wayward t5

The continental conti go’s are available in 90/90 and 100/90 18 too as are Metzeler ME22’s and Michelin Pilot Street

will probably try another set of Avon Roadriders when the heidenau’s wear out. Got a long email from Avon explaining the issues and that they have been sorted… But the Heidenau’s are so impressive that I may stick with them ( they are German and have a good rep over there)guzzi-v352014-04-23 19:25:53

Thanks, Iain that’s really helpful. Is there a “best way” to buy tyres for bikes - I mean is it best to buy them online and then remove your wheels and take them to a fitter in the boot of a car or can you ride up with them threaded on your arms and the fitter will remove your wheels and fit them or is it best to order the tyres through a shop and leave the bike with them? Never done this before so got no feel for the best way to go about it.

Also, from what I have seen the universal tyres which can go on front or back (like the Avons) are fitted in different directions as it were. Does that mean that for a 100/90-18 rear I can use a tyre marketed as for the front but just fit it the other way round? Many of the smaller sizes seem to be front only but perhaps that’s just what the discount sellers are showing on their websites. Guess I should check with the manufacturers direct.

got mine from a dealer via ebay last time

there are some bundles of 90/80r18 and 100/90r18 avon’s on ebay at moment

i removed my wheels and took to local bike shop for fitting and balancing

I would check with tyre manufacture about universal fitments

Avon Road Riders. Superb. Avasilable in the correct sizes, too. 90/90 front, 100/90 rear.

Conti Go tyres are superb, watch out for the speed/weight
rating, I had ‘s’ rated tyres on my Monza. Good for up to 100mph I believe and warm up quicker than ‘H’ rated.