Tyres - Continental 'Classic Attack'

In his YouTube article about his Le Mans Cafe Racer (recommended watch), Nick Sharp gives a strong recommendation for the Conti ‘Classic Attack’ tyres. Does anyone here have experience with them? I’m interested in general experience, but also in understanding which rear size to opt for.

On my Mille GT mongrel, I have 18" alloy rims. For the front, there’s only one size made - the 90/90 R18, but for the rear there are two sizes available - 110/90 and 120/90. The tyres I’ve removed were Avon Road Riders (110/90 front and 120/90 rear).

Any views, please?


Hi Nick,
I took my Avons off my V50. I have fitted the Conti Road Attack 3 CR. They come in various sizes but I expect the sizes I needed are different to your requirements.
I don’t normally use Conti tyres but these I can recommend

Update: My local tyre specialists (JHS Racing, in Keynsham) say that they won’t fit Continental tyres - not even if I source them! So, I’ve agreed to let them fir Avon Roarrunner 2 tyres for me. I used Avons many years ago on both Guzzi (V50) and BMW (R100). I figured that even if only the compound is changed, then they should be better now than then. I’ll report back once I’m on the road (probably in the Spring, I suspect!)



I’ve just fitted Conti radials to my Le Mans II, Road Attack 100/90 on the front and Classic Attack 110/90 on the rear.
I was just thinking after a spirited ride yesterday how these tyres have transformed this bike; radials make a huge difference compared to the old cross plys.
Together with suspension upgrades and Ago rear sets this bike is so much nicer to ride.
Why let you tyre fitter dictate what you fit to your bike; I’d go else where.

JHS are normally good, but have a funny attitude sometimes. I used to get work done with them, but then went to get tyres for my Norge, and they refused to help as they said it was too time consuming fitting tyres to a tourer. They had done my 1200 sport in the past, very similar bike, but without a centre stand. I don’t go there any more and use Protyre in Bristol instead.

I always use Avons on my 1000 Le Mans now. I have never tried Continentals, but have used Metzeler and Bridgestone in the past and now prefer Avons.