Tyres for a 2002 Cali EV

My California needs new tyres. I have Avon Road Riders fitted which were present when I bought it 5 weeks ago.
I handles well, but I note Guzzi supplied Metzelers from new.
Has anybody had been through this loop and found the prefect tyres for a Cali?


Hi Jim
I found BT45s to be great on my EV.
It’s very much a matter of personal taste 'though.
Many swear by the Avons.
All the best

+one for BT45s,
tried a few different makes always go back to the Bridgestone’s

I had bt45s on my stone and was very happy with them. I now have them I on my loops and am equally happy.
Cheers Ian

BT45 on Spada, Roadriders on loop.
I can’t tell the difference in performance although I do ride like your granny.
Rear on loop lasted 8000 miles, but only 5000 on Spada.

Based on my limited experience you should be better on Avon Roadriders than Metzelers. Bt45 s are also fine.

I have BT45’s on my Cali and Bonneville, work well for me. I found roadriders got quite squirmy when the rear tread got down a bit low, but not low enough to warrant changing them.