Does anyone have an opinion or preference for tyres to fit a Monza?
It would appear that there is a choice between Avon Roadrider and Pirelli in the correct sizes recommended by Guzzi.
Bike fitted with BT45’s at present but rear is 110 although should be 100.
I would prefer a tyre designed for grip rather than high mileage.

Avoid roadriders.

I’d be inclined to agree.

Tho, oddly enough, we use them…not as grippy as BT’s but wear better…Guy boot chamfering round Mallory this weekend anyway !guykate2014-07-13 21:13:46

I like the Avon’s on my Bonnie but they do seem to be prone to cracking, which looks bad. Saw the ones on Clare’s Guzzi and they looked terrible.

Different bike and size but I recently changed from Avon to Pirelli on the rear of me Le Mans V and was pretty impressed with the improvement, actually rather surprised. Less whitelining and better stability. I had changed early as well for a trip. Probably well worth trying the Pirelli at least.

Bearing the above in mind, I would recommend Pirelli.

The issue with Roadriders seems to be a move to foreign manufacture, some owners have told real horror stories on here.

As John say’s, the Avon Roadrider’s I had on my Nevada cracked really badly after only a few months of being on the bike (The date markings on the tyres showed recent manufacture). After 9000 miles I changed the rear tyre just before the Moniave, Scottish rally earlier this year as I was getting a bit worried about my safety, they still had 3.5mm of tread left on them.
I replaced with the same Roadrider tyre and can report no further problems with the replacement after several thousand miles. It would seam quality was poor on some batches, lots of info on web about the cracking fault.
Personally I like them, Good road feel, good handling for all year round and excellent wear rate.

Hi Everyone
Thanks for the replies…I’ll try the Pirelli’s!

Or Bridgestones…they suit Guzzis…

Forgot about the batch issue re RR’s