On a recent tour of Belgium, I felt that the bike was not holding the road as well as usual
of course I had way too much stuff on the bike as usual
but when I looked closely at the rear tyre I notice that it was squared off, although it still has plenty of tread left
Last year I did a 2 up trip across Europe, and it was so hot the tyres were melting on the road
perhaps this has knacked them, as I normally get 2 rears to one front and the front is looking a little careworn as well
( new tyres fitted last year)
I have always fitted Bridgestone Battlax BT45s
however a friend suggest Avon Road riders, and one tried them ?

BT45 rears do like to be leant on to keep their profile. If the profile of your worn front is round then you’re not cornering hard enough. The front needs to be going V shaped to retain the round profile on the rear.
The effect of a BT45 with a squared off rear is that it will squirm on seams and white lines.

This squirming can be countered by increasing the attack angle to white lines, seams and ridges like one would with tram tracks. I have not noticed that cornering performance is affected by squared off tyres. Just look where you want to be and lead with your chin. The bike will follow.

On my BT45’s on my lil’Breva I normally replace them at 10,000 miles even though they still have some tread left.

Good Morning
I have Roadriders on my V7 classic and am very pleased with them. Managed to get 13000 miles out of the last rear. Very grippy and feel very confident in all conditions.

many thanks
I called in to my Tyre chap today and ordered a pair, you have the 18inch front whereas mine are both 17 and that makes its a bit skittish
dropping the wheels off Wednesday for some Avons