Any views on tyres for the Audace? Want to try other than stock Dunlop, cheers

I went with Bridgestones Exedras after the original Dunlop’s, they were an improvement. However now I’m running Avon Cobras & really like them.
I put a 180 on the rear instead of the 200, that & 40psi in the front really makes the bike much easier to throw around.
They’re wearing well too, 5k so far & they have plenty left.


I went with the Exedras too. Still using them. Might look at others next.

I’ve been told that the Dunlop’s fitted on the California are being discontinued, any recommendations for alternatives?
Many thanks

This part of the forum is for places to stay and eat. You would be best posting this in the 1400 section under technical, should be someone knowledgeable there.

Go for the Bridgestone ExedraMax the Dunlops were shite when I first got my Cali they lasted 3,000ml I was riding like a loon thought I tend to get about 6,000 front and back and they are great in the rain I hope this helps only just got this post just back from holiday.