UB 22 BS 2 carb on Lodola - gasket or not?

I can’t tell (or remember either as it’s 20 years since I last had a Lodola) whether there should be a gasket between the float chamber and detachable bowl below it. In the Lodola manual there is a picture of a gasket, but in the Dell’Orto parts diagram it’s not shown, but it is on the Eurocarb website as part of the UA S1 gasket set. I imagine there should be something there. Anyone know for sure?italianmotor2013-03-31 20:12:10

Bump…no one put their carb together?

Bryan Peck is probably the man to speak to. I can PM you his email address if needed.

I’ve discovered there’s a very thin strip of cork that is meant to to go there - but my issue is that despite checking the seating of the needle valve, and the condition of the float, the carb still seems to flood. Can’t work it out…

Can you put a pic up of the parts?

Will be a while, lost details for all my web space since Mac died a while back

Hi Adam - did you ever get an answer on this? There should be a thin cork gasket between the manifold and the float bowl - ask me as I have the same problem as you i.e. petrol leaking all over the engine when I turn the tap on.

Trying to resolve with either an o-ring or a make your own cork gasket - let me know if you managed to solve another way.


It was a while ago now and my memory is a bit hazy of what I found out,but I spoke to Matt at Eurocarb and he agreed with me that different drawings for the same carb show different things. He also mentioned a cork strip too, which they keep - another drawing shows nothing fitted.

This one shows a gasket or ‘o’ ring of some kind (part 1, fig. 11, page 31): http://archivio.animaguzzista.com/officina/manuali/manutenzione/Lodola235GT_manutenzione.pdf, and the 175 owners manual l shows the same thing.

Anyway, what I did do was swap the two carbs over from my 175 and 235 bikes, and they both stopped leaking. Strange, huh? But this is a temporary solution as the 175 carb is an earlier carb and much more '50s looking than the '60s carb. I have already eliminated all other possbilities, float leaking etc, so don’t know why this should be.

I’ll probably look at it again next week and will report back, maybe try calling Matt at Eurocarb again to see what he says? Maybe it does need that gasket there, though I’m sure in the past I had bikes with the same carb that didn’t have anyhting in there and they sealed fine.italianmotor2013-06-28 09:26:58

Just to complete this thread - yes, there is a gasket, though Eurocarb can’t supply it for UB22 BS2 carbs. Thanks to Bryan Peck who kindly gave me a card gasket, I used it as a template to cut some out of 1mm cork found on Ebay, installed, don’t tighten the float bowl too much, and leaking has stopped. Job done!italianmotor2013-09-09 11:21:22