UK to Vienna

I have to go from the UK to Vienna end of April and might take the bike, since flying’s hideous and I can take as long as I want anyway. Anyone ridden from the UK to Vienna or thereabouts and have any route suggestions? I’ll probably want to start from either Harwich or North Shields, both of which have overnight ferries to Holland.

‘this means nothing to me…’ Oh Vienna…
Sorry Ivan…couldn’t resist…seriously …am no use…never bin abroad much meself…

You have loads of choice of routes, really depends how fast you want to go and how much you want to see. Assuming you would stop once (I would), the area of Germany around Marburg or Kassel is quite nice.
I found the motorways and roads in Czech republic better than expected and quite enjoyable. You do not need a vignette in Czech if on a bike (do for car). For Austria you will need a Vignette but I think it is around 10 Euros for a short term one. You can get them at any petrol station before or just after the border.
Prague might be quite an interesting stop too but parking there is a bit of a nightmare and you also have the trams which could be dangerous if you are not used to it!

Takes piccies and write it up.

I did this trip a few years ago… AND wrote it up in Gambulunger… someone may have a copy somewhere, I think I titled it “What could possibly go wrong” - I may have the article somewhere on the PC if you want.

The route was Dover Calis, Reims (night 1), Head East ish into Germany via Metz on A roads (night 2). Then across Germany (again no motorways… well not many) to Innsbruck (night 3) - then on the final day across to Vienna - again no motorways. I didn’t book any hotels ahead of travelling - and I am glad that I made that choice, it let me stop when I needed to, as opposed to being on a mission.
Beware if you are doing Austria on a Sunday… Austria makes France look like a happening place on a Sunday… everything was shut till midday - and I mean everything.

It was for a work conference in Vienna - then the following week I had to be about 100 miles North of Malmo in Sweden, so did that by bike from Vienna. Thanks to an unseasonal dump of snow, lots and lots of Autoroute was used on that journey, as I lost 24hours thanks to the white stuff - I returned on the Harwich ferry


Enjoyed reading about it adam.