Under seat Twin plug and socket

On my 2020 V7111 special there are two electrical plugs and sockets under the seat. One of these is a triple socket which I assume is for diagnostic use. The other is a twin socket with a finned weather proof sealed plug fitted. What is this twin socket for ? Can it be safely used say for permanently connecting a Sat nav to providing that I can source the correct mating plug. There is a particular name for this type of plug and socket but I cannot recall what it is called.


Thanks Mike. That’s the one !

I have had it confirmed that the twin socket is a USB connection. No mention of this in the manual that comes with the bike. Perhaps it is an intelligence test !
I am going to connect my sat nav to it.

Check the voltage at the socket, first. I think it will be 12v not 5v. If the former, then you will need to connect a 5v USB adapter to it, assuming your SatNav runs off a USB socket.

The socket is12v on the V7ii Special ABS.

Hi Jeff,
Just to complete the story, I have sourced a Superseal plug and connected a handlebar mounted waterproof twin USB socket via the under seat socket. The USB socket is only on when the ignition is on. My sat nav is connected direct to the battery with an in line fuse. Provided that I remove the sat nav when parking the bike ( which is my normal procedure ) then there is no current drain.

That is good news. It is always satisfying to get these things sorted.

I too am in the process of using Superseal plugs for the first time. I have a current project to wire in some devices between the lambda sensors and the ECU, and this has involved these connectors. Their use has proved rather entertaining !! It also involves the under seat twin plug and socket that you have used.