universal joint

this must seem a silly question if you know the answer but how is the uj lubricated? can i assume it is the oil from the final drive?

It might happen but you can’t assume it.Best to coat it in some sticky stuff like chain lube - that will stay in place for a long time under the rubber boot.

V11s have grease nipples.

V11s wear joints out even so…

It isn’t lubricated. It runs dry, assuming you are talking about a standard Tonti frame or small block machine. Not sure about the more modern stuff.

As GJ says use a very sticky grease on it when you have it apart.
Also split the shaft where it joins under the collar.
Rust can build up in there which eventually will force the uj into the gearbox when you hit a pothole in Germany and bottom out. This wipes the gearbox out.

I had some chain spray grease spare I used that then I also did the old pop in basin of warm oil overnight. There are grease nipples on my UJ as well. V11’s wear out too BUT how many owners AND shops actually do grease them???

Coating or spraying will do little good as you need to get the lubricant into the bearings, and they have seals on them. Best thing is to heat it up then let it cool in a bath of gear oil or molten moly grease.

I believe the racing spannermen used to dip the uj’s in ep90 before reassembly. My first series Daytona has an exposed uj, no grease nipples and did a uj at 10 000 km. I should say I aquired it at 7000 km in 2010. It is a 93 bike and currently stands at 16,000 km, so in last two years it has done more miles than the previous 17 !
We fixed uj in house, Guy pressed out the old and we got new from our local bearing suppliers, it is listed as a guzzi part. I now routinely spray it with lube, if nothing, it makes me feel better !
Guy knows people who leave out the back seal so the uj benefits.

On a Tonti framed bike, a seized up cush drive will knock out a u/j in no time. Fortunately I realised the problem just after the new one was fitted, previous one had lasted less than 7k miles I was told.

I did a lot of drilling on the cush drive rubbers to try to soften them up for just this reason.

So did I afterwards.

What’s that funny noise…

Thats the way to do it!

can you peal back the rubber uj cover and spray grease in or do you have to strip things right down!?

In between times some spray chain lube will get into it, BUT when you take out rear wheel , take off bevel box and pull out the drive shaft.

Then you can check the sleeve for wear and grease it

Check the UJ and pop it into a bath of Hypoy oil and GENTLY" warm it up to get the oil into it, on mine there are grease nipples BUT you need a very small bike grease gun to get at them, mind worth finding one of those for other grease points on the Guzzi. I got mine ages ago way back when I had a Norton they were easy to get hold of in the 70’s it is small and brass with a load of different srcew in ends it works real well

Anyone else thought of stripping and regreasing the needle bearings?

I did it on my V50.

chains are a lot less worry !!

No they’re not!

Well there you go Or, get someone else to do it