Unobtainable Tyres

Hi All,
Wonder if anyone can help?
The Restoration of my 1959 Cardellino 73cc is progressing well.
However, I am unable to source the tyres in the UK.
I have contacted Vintage Tyres at Beulieu and others without success for supplying the correct tyres for my bike.
As a long shot I have put this message on the Forum, in the hopes that someone will know where I can obtain them.
I am aware they are available in Italy,but would like to use a UK supplier and at the cost from Italy, it may be cheaper to fly over and collect them!!
There are plenty of BMX tyres, of the size I need, but can you really fit BMX tyres with nobbly treads on a Cardellino? I don’t think so.
The tyre sizes I require are 20 inch x 2 1/4 inch.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in hopes.


A few people I have met, have ended up changing the rims to be able to use a standard sized tyre

I remember someone else having thris problem a few years ago and ended up changing the rims for a different size.
A Google search did come up with one possible, I’m not sure what “Wired on” refers to, I thought that was a veteran term . Unfortunately they are out of stock, it would be worth a phone call to see if they will be getting any in.

Or you can get them from France Pick PN66 then pick the size 2 1/4 x 20

I changed the wheel size to 19s on mine. Yes not original BUT I can easily get some tyres. A new owner can spend £300 for new rims, spokes and tyres if they wish :wink:

Hi Monty,

Unfortunately I had the rims kept as original before I found out the tyres were a problem.

I have not contacted a supplier, who can get them and so they are now on order–due in mid January 2024.

As the bike was purchased for a winter project, ;it will be some time before I need the tyres.

Even the inner tubes are proving a bigger problem, as suppliers tell me that no one in the world manufactures 21 x 2.25 tubes any more!!

So I have been supplied with an alternative size which would do the job and it does. I have fitted the old tyres back on temporarily.

The tyres are advertised as available in Italy (EBAy) but postage costs are horrendous and I would prefer to deal with a UK supplier.

Thanks for your response.

Would be interested to know how advanced your restoration is, or is it now complete?

Hope Santa reads this message, and maybe has my tyres in his sack!

Can’t help you with the tyres alas, but it’s great that you’ve managed to come up with a solution that’s managed to retain some originality.

Re my project. I bought it for my wife some 22 years ago for the princely some of £300. I stripped the bike down and did nothing with the parts. Several years later I’m working my way through a box of bits with the help of a spares manual lol

This is what she looks like at the moment Not started on the engine yet, some mice had made a nest in the crankcase

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so, just over the road from me is a place that deals primarily with vintage motorcar tyres, but who have recently started carrying rubber for older motorcycles too. ckecked their site and maybe?

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Hi Barry,
You have been my Santa Claus and I have just contacted the Company and ordered the tyre.
I have been in touch with this Company before, but they were out of stock.
It would appear they have just had a delivery and so I have ordered one pronto.
Once again thank you very much --you have made my Christmas merry
All hail to the power of the Forum!


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Hi Monty,
My bike is in about the same situation as yours.
Will attempt to put some photos on, but as I have not done this before it may not work.
At the moment I am re manufacturing all the fastenings in stainless steel, as most of them were rusty or damaged. Stainless may not suit the purists, but it is a job I only want to do once. Very many odd sizes of bolts and nuts on this bike and I have had to purchase some special taps & dies i.e. 7mm; 9mm; 7/16 UNS .
However progress is being made.
I have just a few moments ago ordered a tyre following information from the Forum–most helpful.
My Guzzi is a 1959 and has a dual seat. Looking a t your photo, your frame has a slight difference, so I guess yours has a single seat.
My chrome plating won’t be ready until late January, so further progress will be slow

happy to help! that is, after all, what this place is intended for (o:

Hi Monty,
Photos of the current state of my Cardellino attached–I hope!