Unuversal joint overhaul kits

Does anyone know a source for UJ kits, 44mm x 20mm? I can only fond complete driveshaft assemblies from the usual suppliers.

I know Nigel at NBS does UJ rebuilds. Don’t know if he will just provide a kit …

Never heard of, only complete unit. Maybe cos thought too difficult to rebuild?

Guy rebuilds ours using crucifixes fron Hayley bearings…big block tontis and also Daytona…listed as Motoguzzi…not sure about small block…if its stripped take tthe part in ?..

Richard Bailey rebuilds them, I don’t know where he gets the parts.

Does he indeed?

Aye Miko…presses em out in the vice using a variety of sockets…

Does this happen often?

And next question, would he do it for someone else for money…

Every now and then and I think so Miko…x

Just to be clear - I had Nigel rebuild the UJ on my V50 shaft (as unlike the big blocks they are of a piece). I just posted it to him and it pretty much came back by return.