Updated V7 fuel map

I’ve recently read posts on the US Guzzi forums about an updated fuel map for the ECU being available earlier this year. People had posted that it improved the snatchy throttle at low revs and cold starting. I forget the ID code of the new map, but I think it ends in 78. Someone has posted the details on the Wild Guzzi forum.

I had my 2013 V7 in at my local Guzzi dealer the other day and asked them to check for an update. Sure enough, they downloaded it to my bike and there is a noticeable increase in smoothness of running. I still seem to need to let the bike warm up for a while otherwise there is surging and snatchy throttle response still, but I think it’s worth getting the update if you’ve had these common issues.

I’m running the Finebau Forge FI compensator, which does a decent job of combating the lean running at lower rpm. I’ve trimmed the settings down since the upgrade, but will continue to keep the unit fitted, as I have Mistral silencers and no doubt the fuel map is designed for the stock silencers. I do plan to remove the unit at the weekend just to see how the new map performs on its own.

I have a twin throttle body V7 Classic 2011.
My bike had an updated map loaded by Corsa Italiana earlier this year and I had Baldrick set it up. I fitted a Finebau Aerolite unit as well (ever one for belt and braces!) which initially seemed to improve things. However I have now disconnected it again after many tries at getting to the “Goldilocks” setting because it felt to me as if the bike’s control system was fighting with itself and the result was that the surging and popping was getting worse and worse.
So far so good, the bike seems happy and the slow speed running is smooth. We will see how it goes. The biggest improvement came from Baldrick setting up the balance and by-pass screws very, very carefully.
The V7 Service Manual from Stein Dinse tells you how to do this but you need a very accurate vacuum gauge set to get it just right.