Urgent Service Warning!


I recently bought a 2015 California 1400 Touring and the dealer was to service it before delivery. Two weeks after I took delivery this warning appeared so I took it back to the dealer who said it just needed resetting and was nothing to worry about. Unfortunately less than a week later I now have the same warning.

This suggests to me that the bike system is finding a fault, can anyone give me some advice before I go back to the dealer?

For information I have travelled approx 400 miles since delivery and when the warning light comes on the bike runs but not as smooth.


So this is a fault warning, not that it’s due for a routine service? More than a subtle difference…

Agreed, do you have any advice?

A serious failure is signalled by a fast flashing (two flashes per second) of the general
warning light and by the URGENT and SERVICE words alternately being shown on
the digital display. See an Official Moto Guzzi Dealership as soon as possible. In these
cases the ECU activates a safety procedure limiting vehicle performance in order to
allow the rider to go to an Official Moto Guzzi Dealership at a reduced speed. According
to the type of failure, performance can be limited in two ways: a) by reducing
the maximum torque produced; b) by keeping the engine at idle speed but slightly
accelerated (during this operation, the throttle control is disabled).

thats what the manual says - did the dealer check for fault codes? the bike not being smooth is the ‘limp home’ feature as described above

The fault code was P0155.
System reset with no specific fault found, I’m currently riding the bike hoping it doesn’t reoccur.

Hi, it’s the demand sensor…
the fault code means: P0155 (C-D tracks) right handle position P0155 Signal not corresponding - Two illogical voltage signals have been detected at PINS 30 and 44 of the ENGINE connector (tracks A-B)

My bike had the same fault.

It may not happen again but in my case in kept occurring with increasing regularity. When it does happen just switch everything off a couple of times & it should reset itself. It’s the demand sensor testing itself & finding a fault…

In the end I replaced mine, no problem since.


I have also suffered this problem many times and have found that thoroughly cleaning all electrical connections at the front of the bike (especially those on the right hand side) helps

Thanks for the input guys.

The warning has re-appeared once since I last posted. I put the engine into first gear, held the clutch in and tried to start the bike. Fault cleared!

Don’t know why but it hasn’t re-appeared since.

Hi Jon, can you tell me where I will find this demand sensor?

I too have suffered this on numerous occasions, best fix I found was to clean ALL the plugs and sockets that lurk behind the steering head (both sides).