V twin booster plug euro5 V85TT

Hi, it’s a 2022, 72 plate, it’s been fine , just the low end a bit surge, so I’m hoping the mistral will help. I love the bike to bits , it’s a keeper for sure, am just trying to get the low bit better , cheers for the answer

yes mine is 2021, but apart from one other minor issue with the engine warning light coming on if accelerating (cured with software update) it’s been very reliable for 23k miles ridden in all weathers, rain, snow, ice, and in the rare occasions we see any sunlight that too :smiley:

riding in heavy rain for a few hours causes a glow in the LED fitted with the alarm, probably a tiny bit of water finds its way in, but nothing stops working.

Spot on, good to hear, I’ve got about 7500 miles on now, and fingers crossed, all good :blush: :it:

Had sleeve fitted today by “Iron city” Leeds, seemed much better but only a short ride home (12 miles). But first impressions were its much smoother.

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