V10 Centauro engine oil

As a newbie to Guzzis I’m wondering about the engine oil in my latest acquisition. I believe it should be 4T SAE 20w/50 but when I checked the level, it was an odd colour. Very pale pinkish-brown. Is this ok. Many thanks.

i’ve heard talk of some oils that are dyed red, but have never used them: Motul? Red Line?

If in any doubt, just dump it and put the right amount of the right stuff in. Then you know 100% that you have the right amount of the right oil. Small additional cost in the grand scheme of things, right?

Hi Hanco,
I use fully synthetic 10/60 in mine and change it every 3000 miles, it’s still clean when it comes out👍
It’s also worth fitting a baffle plate in the sump as the oil pick up is at the front rather than the rear of it,

quite a few oils are red now, including the oil used by the main dealer here for my v85, silkolene pro 4 10-60

Hi Hanco, you are correct in saying the Moto Guzzi recommended oil for the Centauro is Agip 4T 20W 50. The official workshop manual notes alternative permitted oils as Mobil 1 5W 50 or Castrol RS 15W 60. Mike de Clifford at Moto Corsa recommended the use of Castrol Racing 10W 60 and I used that with no problem in both my Daytona 1000 and Centauro Sport with no problems. Hope this gives you some facts to work from when deciding what oil to use in your Centauro. Cheers Phil

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Thanks, just the job. All the best. Tom.

Hi Phil, thank you very much for the info. Smashing. Cheers, Tom

Thanks, good to know. All the best, Tom

Hi Phil, thanks for the info. Very much appreciated. Kind regards, Tom