V10 oil pump

Long story short I finally paid Daes in Germany on Friday and it’s on it’s way, they’re not off the shelf. Called Baldrick when I bought the bike and asked about oil problems. Interestingly enough he only knew of one letting go on a Daytona. His view is that if you don’t thrash it all the time it should be ok. I don’t but am always 2 up and running a fast moving shaft without a bearing is not a good idea.

Replacing the gears (www.woodburymotomedia.com/moto-guzzi-timing-gears-by-joe-caruso) too seems to me dependant on if the oil pump has started to run off centre. The replacement gears are without doubt better quality but the originals should do the job perfectly well. If when I strip it the old oil pump has started to wreck the gears I’ll replace.

Lastly when I got the bike I noticed the clutch cable was on the final limit of the adjusters, I ordered another one and it was the same.
Turns out that the MG spec they all use has the inner 15mm too long www.cable-tec.co.uk/applications/clutch-cables/ shortened the original and made me another one £52 delivered. Half the price of a certain cable firm in Dorking.