V100 madello Test ride.

Well, not the best day for a test ride, 2 ° and greasy roads. First impressions are I was sitting on it rather than in it, I’m a shortarse at 5"5" and 29" inside leg, can get feet down but not flat. Lower seat option should help.
CLUNK…into first gear, very light clutch, smooth gearchanges after that, no low speed fuelling issues unlike my 1200 sport, very responsive.
Screen in the fully up position definitely helped with wind buffeting, not so sure about the flappy wings.
It’s torquey. Pulls great in all the gears, it’s bloody quick for a Guzzi, feels really stable on the motorway, didn’t really lean it over as much as I would have liked on the twistier roads due to the damp conditions but feels planted.
Suspension on test bike was a little hard for my liking but that’s a personal observation, also felt like the throttle had a little play in it, just like a cable needing tightened slightly, again, maybe just a personal thing.
Overall, impressive. Pity the accessories are going to hike the price up a good bit but plenty to think about.


Good stuff, if Guzzi are true to form there will be a year to save up for accessories!

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Thanks for sharing your impression on the new V100

From Moto Guzzi website - The V100 Mandello is the incarnation of over a century of technology innovation, including Ride by Wire electronic throttle with 4 different riding modes … so the slack in the throttle response is an electronic design not a loose cable? Thanks for the comments - very helpful.

It was the best way I could think of to describe what I felt. Just a personal observation. Others may disagree.

Good write up Alan, nothing worse than a slack throttle:-)

One week in. All going well, apparently was the first one out of Jim Allan’s, shops got orders for 8 ‘s’ models… Luigi better start on the overtime!

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My friend in Texas took delivery this week as well, coordinated rollout :rofl: