V100 Mandello Handbook PDF file corrupted

Hej !

Does anyone technical on here speak Italian ?

I have been trying to get the bods (Bots ?) on the official MG site to sort this problem out, but I just keep getting an auto-reply, with yet another link to the corrupt file.

I bought this bike, liking its modern take on an old man’s plodder, rather than the boy racer image models that so many manufacturers repeatedly serve up, The owners handbook, however, is the size of a young girls secret diary, and includes way too many languages ( it’s a little odd, that they are all happy to produce myriad different variations of countless parts, yet only wish to print a single, compressed edition of the handbook ). This printed marvel is too small for old eyes to comfortably read, and so I sought to download the PDF version.

After typing in my deets, and then the VIN, I received the download link. However, upon opening the file, Pages 53 - 82 have most of the text characters replaced by square tick-boxes, giving no information, or clues.

I have updated my Acrobat programme, and, this has had no effect. My computers have a vast selection of founts and faces, which I have installed for DTP use, but I’m not certain whether the modern versions of Acrobat attempt to access local ones.

I shall attempt to attach a screen-grab, but have never used forums before, so am not certain of success.

Attempting to get in touch with MG seems very vague, and cloaked in secrecy - do they have any real presence in the UK ?, or, are they just a ghost satellite of the Italian “family” ? They certainly don’t seem very keen on anyone being able to contact them in English.

So, if anyone seeing this knows of a way to get through to them, or, knows a way to change these tick-boxes back into relevant characters, I would be very grateful for their help.

Thank you,

Old macdonald.

could be a zillion things, perhaps, related to your setup, fonts installed/not installed, etc. etc.

the copy on manualslib (for the same page) shows this, so that’s a possible alternative for you:

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Bingo !

Many thanks, Barry !

You have saved me a great deal of farting about. It is still rather concerning that the manufacturer is so incompetent, and incommunicado. I yearn for the simpler times - I once owned a Gilera 50, which had: No key, No battery, No oil mixing pump, and, No problems, whatsoever ! :nerd_face:

Piaggio/Moto Guzzi does have a UK presence as seen at recent launch events for the Stelvio.
First step to contacting them about the manual and anything else is a dealer. Quality of dealerships varies. There are some very good ones.

May have owners manual on pdf I can email.over [ email removed by admin - be aware that this section of the forum is publicly accessible ]

Thank you, C.J. - Barry has provided me a link to a working PDF.