V1000 G5 or Convert in-situ side stand pictures please

I’m working my way through a long list of jobs to revert my newly acquired G5 from the previous owner’s Cafe Racer aspirations back to something closer to standard.
One of the issues I cannot live with is the presently fitted self retracting mid mounted side stand which sometimes catches me out by flipping up just as I’m relying on it to hold the bike upright.
I have the original chopped off lump of metal that was cut off with a grinder from the front of the lower left frame rail, but until today did not have its matching bracket and the stand itself. I now have those two main missing bits, although not the springs or the additional unknown hardware to complete the mission.
Would anyone manage to snap a couple of photos and post them on here to let me see what’s missing and how it all goes together? This would be much appreciated and probably save me fitting something upside down, or omitting something crucial.

So far I’ve changed the lubricants, oil filter, set the points and timing, balanced the carbs, refitted the original bars, renewed the throttle cables and clutch cable, changed the tyres and tubes, fitted indicators, made up a mount to hold the dials, reinstated idiot lights for oil, charge and high beam, welded up the seat pan, stuffed and ticked the base and fitted a new seat cover and re-fitted the original stainless mudguards after welding up the stays. She idles and runs well and it’s now just the side stand peg positions and nice original rear brake pedal that I wish to refit.

This is the big stand bracket that I fitted to my Spada. I actually took it off as it wouldn’t fit with the lower fairings on mine and fitted the mid mount stand.

P1030050 by Don West, on Flickr

Thanks again Don. Seems like I’m missing the lug nut washer and a spring. And it’s that washer that limits the stand travel.

It is a while since I tried fitting this. I thought it was the plate on top that limits the travel, it drops nto a slot when the bike is leant over and stops it rolling forward.
You should be able to find a parts book on-line that will show you the components Have a look here if you haven’t got one

:+1:t2: Thank you Don.