V1000 poorly

The rear bearing carrier has broken up on the V1000, oh well 250,000+ miles and 36 yrs, dropped it off to Ex smoking bikers general fix it emporium so hopefully, fingers crossed he can fix it or it looks like the spoked wheel replacement is out of my price range, so i will be looking for cast wheels to replace it with, …

THEN I see 2 spare tkts for Summer Camp BUT no bike that will carry the camping gear as the rack for the V11 is being sorted as well due o it wearing a hole in the rear fairing of the V11, and THAT took lots of sweat to re spray.

Hopefully everything will be sorted for mid August and our 2 week hols, that was supposed to be touring on a bike…any bike…

You could always go pillion on Annie’s bike GB (hehehehehehe Id give a beer to see that!)

Only one beer, it could be star of the parade.
Big Ken gets long distance pillion award.iandunmore2012-07-26 14:24:43

“Rear bearing carrier”, the bit of the hub bearing goes into?

its the alluminium hub and its the housing the bearing actually presses into, its chewed the the actual bearing surface where its been spinning but more importantly the internal stop that the bearing presses up to is mostly missing or chewed up.
Its the brake caliper side that is chewed the drive side is steel so abit tougher

Going to have a look in the morning it could be a case of machine the whole thing true and make a steel top hat cup to press in, will have to see how much metal there is on it to play with
not going to be a easy repair

I know … fingers crossed … worst scenario is having to get a cast rear wheel and use that, no way is a spoked one affordable.

Somewhere in the depths of my defunct garage is a T3 wire wheel hub, probably white as snow with corrosion but it may have the bearing carrier intact within, will go and have a look shortly and let you know. I also had a complete rear wire wheel but a mate borrowed it, and you know what happens then…Cheers, Gerry.
Duffo2012-07-26 18:19:19

Ohhh ohhh … Saw tickets available for Summer Camp i said to Annie “Lets go!” she then said hmm what bike you gonna use to carry the luggage and tent? …OOOOpppps V1000 poorly V11 rack needs sorting as it had rubbed a hole in the rear fairing !!! Look I MAY have lost weight BUT back of the Virago??? come on I DO use it to go to work on and it is a fine ride out and Annie could ride on the back BUT as she spent a year off work with a slipped disc I doubt if it is an option.

In fact she has hardly used her bike since needs a bit of encouragement to get onto it again really. She has kinda lost some confidence in riing her own bike, happier on the back of either the V1000 or V11Le Mans recently which is a shame…but hey…

that would be good if youhave one white and crudy is cleanable

know the feeling about lending stuff out I am a stupid sod for it the amount of stuff i have lost over the years is frighning you only remember when you go to use it many months later

Mind you the one that pissed me off was the V twin where att home time a spada (i think would not start) and the plugs were tatered so i lent hime a new pair of NGK Iridium ones on a promise of a cheque in the post needless to say it never arrived,

hub on eblag at the moment

Ken, I have a cast you can have to save any panicing and get you on the road with just a tyre change. Send it up parcel to go. PM sent

love and kisses

Sent a pm back to you Min

After foraging deep within the ex garage, no hub to be found, spada fairing, fag packet panniers, spiders as big as saucers, but no hub.G.

“Good God man you went in there ALONE and with NO back up!!!”

(Now imagine that with the voice of DeForest Kelly ( Dr McCoy then)

Anything could have happened… thanks for looking El Duffo … Looks like Min is lending me a wheel which allows time for a repair or >>>>>

Fantastic news Ray called me this morning and the Bearing carrier IS a separate item from the actual hub bolted to the disc or some such, ALSO The one and only Min is posting a bearing carrier AND a spare (on loan) cast wheel so the bike can roll for our holidays.Some folk wonder IF they should join this Club… well folks here IS your answer YOU ARE NOT ALONE !Hopefully a new bearing carrier will be machined in steel and the ol V1000 will be good for another 250,000. mind you divided by 36 it IS under 7000 miles per year so NOT THAT much really and the pleasure that bike has given me is beyond calculation. It still makes me smile each and every time I roll it out along the road

guzzibear2012-07-28 15:22:05

I gots them too.

Sometimes need a chair and a whip…

Yep its aseperate bearing carrier its also the mount for rear disc its held in place with the 6 disc securing bolts/ nuts
so looking for a chunk of steel monday to make one from

Well I never. Thought it were just pressed into the ally

Got it

update now its clean it is a seperate carrier goes between hub and disc