V11 aftermarket exhaust.

Seen a few makes on the web. My V11 currently has the standard ones with a cross over fitted. Are they worth it and if so which one?
Spent a small fortune on Two Bros carbon fibre ones on my Blackbird and aside from looking good I can’t really say I can notice the difference.

I’ve got Quills on my V11 Le Mans nice deep sound without being too loud and made in the UK, don’t think it’s making any more power than stock but it sounds like it is,
not easy to find options for the V11, not many make the link pipes apart from Quill, Mistrals have to be ordered from ItalySteve S2014-07-26 16:47:44

Apparently a Stucchi crossover has more effect on power than the baffles

“Effect” — would that be good , or bad?

More low and mid range grunt rather than higher bhp so I’m led to believe, but no personal experience

I running Quills. The gain is they are lighter. The V11 is rear bias on weight. The lighter quills help a little in moving the CG forward. Sound good too.

Local engineering company knocked me up a pair of adapters so I could run some Leo Vinci GSXR carbon cans that I picked up cheap on the bay. Just a bit of laser cut sheet with three bolt holes for the cans, mated to a bit of tubing to slide over the standard pipes. Lovely job in stainless. This sort of thing opens up hordes of relatively cheap options for cans, at a fairly modest (well below £100 a few years back)price.

Just ridden Helen’s V11 with Mistral pipes- they sound beautiful