V11 Cafe Sport Plastic Tank

Hi all, very interested in buying a 2007 V11 café Sport which has surfaced locally. However I have heard some nasty stories about the plastic fuel tanks …are they really a problem with our modern fuel :question: . Question 2 :- I like to service and repair my own bikes are they difficult to work on :question: any input appreciated Regards John

Think they stopped making the cafe sport in 04-05!!. Anyway i have one and they are superb, best V11 made :smiley:. My plastic tank is still perfect , but i dont use supermarket petroI and think the majority of problems was in the USA with ther ethanol content have 40000 on mine or thereabouts ( speedo probs and a tendency to eat speedo c ables so cant really tell you , but once i cornered the market in speedo cables the problem stopped   :laughing: .  All guzzi,s are easy to work on and the info out there is exceptional. There is also a fantastic site dedicated to all things V11 at V11lemans.com.Â

Thanks for that :wink: …just checked the bike was registered April 2007 :confused:

Sounds like it was a bike that sat in a dealers unregistered for a year or so.

A link to the V11 forum showing model breakdown over the years. http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5691

Hello John, if it’s the one at Muzzimoto it looks like a minter, i was considering it to keep my Nero Corsa company, you won’t find another for sale and it will keep it’s value, the tanks are no problem with UK fuel I have owned five over the years, no issues apart from minor electricals, speedo will play up and the gearbox selector spring might break, carry a spare under the seat and they don’t break, works for me.

I am running a V11 and a 750 Breva.

In Europe they use 10% Ethanol on 95 oct premium unleaded and they mark it on the pumps clearly.
At this stations I plum for the 98 super.

At home it is less of an issue as they only put less than 5% Ethanol in the 95 oct. So as long as you are using the bike regardly (fortnightly) the petrol remain aggitated and the ethanol does not seperate.
The V11 is Sorn for winter now and so the last two tanks were 98 oct.

Had no problems with either.
I use Morrisons almost all the time.
(said it now).

I thought UK fuel would be shifting to 10% ethanol before long?

Check out the ethanol info write up i did over in the tech - miscellanious and universal issues section. Jake.

This issue makes me seeth with anger, ACERBIS made the V11 tanks and are a huge manufacturer of all things automotive, surely they saw this ethanol issue coming.
Add to that the fact supply of new tanks is non existant and that the plastic was never modified to deal with ethanol. shame on Guzzi and Acerbis.

So no perfectly good bikes are off the road due to tank failure and no new tanks available…unless you have around £800 or so for a hand made alloy one, and can wait a year for it,

I have tank sealed mine (after a pinhole appeared) and have purchased a good spare just in case…still think its a dreadful state of affairs that should have been better dealt with by Guzzi directly. Guess as far as thay concerned the effected bikes were out of warranty before the issues arose…and its in their interests for owners to have scrap the bike and buy a newer model…but does that gain brand loyalty? Nah,