V11 front brake master cylinders.

#1 Hi. Does anyone know the diameter of the 03 v11 sport cafe’s front brake master cylinder internal diameter. Unfortunately the repair / maintenance kit is no longer available. Brembo has discontinued supplying that particular one, as the were sued by an. AMERICAN, For some. Reason? I’m considering sourcing a similar make of the same Size / diameter & stripping the rubber parts, to service my brembo master cylinder.
#2 I’m also servicing the clutch master cylinder, this should be 13mm, but my one is 12mm. Which is used for aprilia, KTM, & Ducati. Anyone else found this. Anomaly? Tony W-H

Hi Tony,
When the front master cylinder on my centauro started leaking , I could not get a seal kit for it, did some research and found out that it might have been the worst master cylinder Brembo had ever made, upgraded brembo ones were an arm and a leg to buy , bought a honda vfr 800 one off Ebay (£25) works a treat and doesn’t look out of place,

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