V11 Indicator switch

I think the spring inside the indicator turn switch on my V11 has failed or been weakened as it does not always cancel to the mid-position when the switch button is pushed in. I’ve tried to see how it can be dismantled but without any success. Has anyone done this without completely removing it and disconnecting it from the wiring loom? And is it likely that if I can manage to get inside I can replace the spring(s) and get it working crisply again? Any advice gratefully received.

Hi Peter, Can’t help directly with rebuilding the switch, BUT, somehow the main light switch on my V11 got broken off while the bike was parked & I’ll need a replacement. When the new one comes do you want my old one (with a working indicator switch) to replace the innards with?


Any good for you?

Mike’s offer is definitely worth exploring. If you can contact me by e-mail on peter.turner88@btinternet.com we can check compatibility. I’m aware that you can buy new but they are expensive and the switch may have generic wiring that needs to be re-jigged for a particular model. Mine is the 2nd Series, the one without the option of switching on the dipped beam.